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Step #2 Building Relationships

So the last week has been very eventful. My BFF Flo and I hit up a great little woman's event called "Balance Boundaries & Blahniks". We got some great tips on things like accessorizing, styling, staying positive and the always popular "Friend Vampire". Now if you don't know what a friend Vampire is it is someone that drains you and may cause a lot of negativity in your life. Summary it is okay to get rid of them in a respectful manner.

When I was in grade 6 I had a close friend tell me she didn't want to hang out with me anymore - I was dumped. I remember being so very confused and extremely mad about it. Looking back I can see how I was a friend Vampire and how she was very insightful to be able to put it all together and determine that I was not good for her even at the age of 12.

I know I am not the person I was at 12, 18, or even 24. As of Monday I will be 28 and I am so grateful I have been able to live these last 28 years, learn from them and grow. I have been privileged with the opportunity to make many mistakes, but also privileged to have the opportunity to reflect and observe these mistakes and determine how I can move on in a positive and growing way. I am excited about the future person I will be and all the positive and negative experiences and opportunities I will be lucky enough to see and grow from.

I also took a HUGE leap in my struggle to network this week. Mike brought me to a couple of networking events sponsored by his BNI (Business Networking International) and other BNI chapters in the city. When I was an employee in sales, I could sell the products but I didn't really have to look for the business. Deciding to become self-employed is both scary because of the unknown and extremely exciting on the could be. I focused on getting 4 leads (that was my goal), and I didn't just meet it I surpassed it with 13!!!

Now the trick is booking them in for a facial and make-over with the end outcome as a sale. I got these leads now I gotta work them!!

I also took a nice big step and completed one of my first make-over appointments ever. I booked it by having to ask a somewhat stranger (a waitress I know from a local restaurant), then they even showed up and not only with 1 but 2 friends. It was so much fun. I don't think I realized how much I enjoy doing facials and make-overs (It's not like I haven't had thousands of hours of practice on myself or anything;))

The ladies loved the products (which did not surprise me at all - great products sell themselves). It was so nice to get the practice. I had, had a few practice sessions prior but I still wasn't really confident in my make-over abilities but now I can move past that and work on the next thing perfecting the sale. If I can make money doing something that I am passionate about, I am pretty damn lucky.

Reflecting back over the last week:

My did wells:

I had the opportunity to reflect and truly look at my "old" self with understanding and see what I had been like and know confidentially that I am no longer that person. You can not run away from the past but you can come to terms with it, accept it and move on.

I went out of my insecure shell to my true self and talked. Talked to everyone at the networking events!! As my really close family and friends can tell you I am good at that. Before when I was an employee I didn't have to look for business, and have conversations with strangers. Which is actually kind of sad, since I probably missed out meeting some very interesting people.

The trick is asking the person about themselves and to truly be interested in what they have to say. That's it - after I ask a question - stop talking and listen.

I have some awesome make-overs skills. Everyone looked awesome (they were beautiful even before, but then they were "Hot")

My next times:

I will get everyone's phone number and email - even if no sales where made when I do their make-overs and I am going to bring a watch and stay on time improve efficiency - no matter how fun it was I spent way too much time.


The begining of the next stage

So today I finally got started on a website.  I have been procrastination on taking the much needed next steps to build my business and why?  Self doubt - damn you self doubt!!  Luckily Mike is such a fantastic husband and just keeps me looking at the big picture.  The little disappointments seem to add up much quicker than any little gains, and they are very powerful and deceptive - "Just give up....you don't want to do that"  Damn you little voices in my head.

I suppose that makes me sound crazy, but I think crazy is what crazy does.  And if crazy is gonna help make it all happen then call me "Crazy"!!

I guess my next step is to start planning content, I have left myself a wide range for topics - but is it too wide? Well the first thing that must happen is action and then I can alway refine it from there.  Without action there is nothing to reflect on.  Whether this is the right way or not is to be determined.


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