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The begining of the next stage

So today I finally got started on a website.  I have been procrastination on taking the much needed next steps to build my business and why?  Self doubt - damn you self doubt!!  Luckily Mike is such a fantastic husband and just keeps me looking at the big picture.  The little disappointments seem to add up much quicker than any little gains, and they are very powerful and deceptive - "Just give up....you don't want to do that"  Damn you little voices in my head.

I suppose that makes me sound crazy, but I think crazy is what crazy does.  And if crazy is gonna help make it all happen then call me "Crazy"!!

I guess my next step is to start planning content, I have left myself a wide range for topics - but is it too wide? Well the first thing that must happen is action and then I can alway refine it from there.  Without action there is nothing to reflect on.  Whether this is the right way or not is to be determined.


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