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One merges into another....

One merges into another, groups melt into ecological groups until the time when what we know as life meets and enters what we think of as non-life: barnacle and rock, rock and earth, earth and tree, tree and rain and air.... And it is a strange thing that most of the mystical outcrying which is one of our most prized and used and desired reactions of our species, is really the understanding and the attempt to say that man is related inextricably to all reality, know and unknowable.  This is a simple thing to say, but the profound feeling of it made Jesus, a St. Augustine, a St. Francis, a Roger Bacon, a Charles Darwin, and a Einstein.  Each of them in his own tempo and with his own voice discovered and reaffirmed with astonishment the knowledge that all things - plankton, a shimmering phosphorescence on the sea and spinning planets and the expanding universe, all bound together by the elastic string of time.  

- John Steinbeck and Edward F. Ricketts, Sea of Cortez


Changing of Seasons

So on Friday we went to the Edworthy Dog Park, this is a normal part of our weekly routine. We always have a great time.  Mojo chases the ball down the hills, Moka hopes around like a bunny and I enjoy the walk.

This time was a little different.  Maybe it is because I am consciously trying to take moments of just "being" in my life.  Either way it was so beautiful. 

The changing of the seasons filled the park with bright orange, yellow, red, pink and purple colors all around.  It was like candy for the eyes, I just wanted to sit, look and absorb all the beauty all around me.


I don't remember any other fall ever being so gorgeous.  But then again I was never really in the moment.

 Fall is the most beautiful season.  We know the dreaded winter is coming with its bitter cold and it's own unique beauty, it is evitable.   The colors and beauty of fall are like farewell presents for all of us for another season, not to dread the inventible but to appreciate what we have and had and remind us that soon enough it will be winter, then spring, summer and Fall once again.



Peace within yourself

"People meausre their esteem of each other by what each has, and not by what each is......  Nothing can bring you peace but yourself."

                                   - Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance


Deep water meditation my new fad?

I wonder if I may have just invented Deep Water Meditation...  Wait hold on I am going to Google this...

I am going to give myself credit for it. (okay I know that people do this as a sport and many say they go into a "Trace/Meditative" type state - but mine is moving into a different area away from a sport per say)

So for the September long weekend Mike, the beasts (Moka & Mojo) and I went camping with FLo, Charlie, Jess and her new beau Andy.  We headed out to Canyon Hot Springs Resort.  Situated between Glacier and Mount Revelstoke National Parks this campground was extremely nice.

For some reason the campground wasn't packed for a long weekend which was GREAT for us.  We had our own little area without any other campers near by.  The highlight of the resort was the HOT SPRINGS!!  OMG!!  They were so RELAXING!!!  There are two pools.  One that is just perfect and warm and the other is HOT boil me alive goodness.

During our time there I was so relaxed from the warm soothing water.  I decided to try a brief (for obvious reasons) mindful meditation under the water.

No the first issue I had is that I just kept floating up......  Wait I thought "Mike is sitting on the edge with his feet in the water.... I can use his feet!!".  So I went into seated mediation under Mike's feet (to hold me down) in the water.

If I felt the fear or that panic like "OMG!! I can't breathe!!", I would put my focus back to the calmness of the water.  How peaceful and relaxing it was both physically on my body but also the sounds.

Of course these "Mini" Meditations.  So more of the moment of awareness, which I consider just as, if not  much more important.  I was aware of when I felt like panicking, when I could just hear the waves over me in the pool, the warm water almost hugging me.  I was fully aware.

I wasn't down for very long at all maybe 30 seconds 3 or 4 times but I remember how these little moments felt more than the rest of the weekend.   I think these moments of awareness are so important in our daily lives.  We become so absorbed in everything our work, family, phone, emails and the door that we don't take a moment to center, bring perspective and clear the mind so you can have a memorable part of the day. 

I know I have had many wasted days.  With practice I know there will be fewer and fewer of those. All I really want to do now is go into seat meditation under the water.  I don't know what the local life guard would think if Mike was holding me under water with his feet at the pool.  Maybe we should try it and see?


The end of one life and the begining of another??

So Mike (my husband) started Nerds On Site as a Self Employeed IT Contractor back in 2005.  By 2006 he had his "Nerd Mobile" (Beetle).

Now we have loved that Nerd Mobile and for so many reasons:


*Great mileage averaging 900km/tank

*Standard!!  Which is supper sweet

*Diesel Engine


*Has helpped Mike become very successful in his business

*It has taken us on many road trips


We of course have had many little issues like the City of Calgary having a huge whole in the middle of the road which ended up with our car in the shop for a number of months, we have replaced the transmission, tires almost evey part at some point.

Finally this year our lease was up and we bought it out.  (our payments are insanely low - which is always good).

Now the one thing I haven't mentioned Diesel Beetles are no longer available, and why is that important?

Well a couple of weeks ago, just after Mike replaced the tires and had the breaks checked.  He rearended a truck at 10 KM/hour (the breaks wouldn't stop - of course?!? WTF???)  It was so bad the air bags didn't even go off - so obviously not a bad accident at all!!  He ended up hitting a metal bumper on a truck and it destroyed his hood.

So waiting and waiting to hear back about the car and as of today it is offically being written off.  For anyone else this really wouldn't be a big deal - since you can always get a new one...

Well not for us.  We can't get another Beetle like the one we owned, as I said Diesels are no longer being made with the Beetle body, and to add to that the gas models don't get anywhere near the mileage Mike had been getting. 

So now we don't have a beetle, our options suck and it is going to cost us at least $300 more per month in a new loan and fuel costs!!  Not to mention we had just put new tires on the nerdmobile, if we want those back we have to buy some crappy old ones to replace them so we can take our new ones.....

I feel like crying.   How can one little (barely an) accident lead to all of this?  We now have so many extra costs, I think I might actually need to find a job!!! I suppose this is the end of one life and maybe a begining of a new one if we don't end up broke and on the streets (of Amsterdam*) in the mean time.....

I think I need to go and do some yoga and deep meditation, as I know I am not centered at all..... A test to the begining of a new life stage.

*Referenece to the trip we are talking this fall no matter what!!