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Imagined Problems

"Are you fighting against obstacles that don't even exist?  Often, the imagined problems can hold you back more firmly than the real problems.  For the imagined problems can prevent you from ever getting started in the first place.  

When you're certain that things are not going to work out.  You have no incentive to move forward with them.

You never really know until you make the effort.  The chances are very good that the obstacles are not nearly as difficult as you imagined them to be.

Every undertaking has its challenges, o be sure.  Yet there's no reason for you to add to those real challenges with you own imaginary ones.

Go ahead, take action, and you'll likely discover that many of the obstacles you once imagined are not even there.

And you'll also find a way to handle those obstacles you do encounter.

Don't let the imagined problems stop you.

Step confidently forward and move ahead with those things that need to be done."

- Ralph Marston



"Everything in life is pointing us back to our true nature." Stephen Cope



"Enough Shovels of Earth - a Mountain.  Enough Pails of Water - a River."  Unknown


The Magic of Kindness

"Kindness is almost always bigger when it is recieved than when it is given.  What may be a small thing for you to offer can make a tremendous difference to those who recieve it.

 Kindness vastly increases the effectiveness of your efforts.  Even a small gesture of kindness can bring big results.  Kindness multiplies itself in a way that seems almost magical.

Kindness is not a difficult thing thing to bring about, and is freely available to all who wish to practice it.

 Every day you come across numerous opportunities for kindness.  Each one of them is brimming with a value more precious than gold.  Avail yourself of those opportunities to spread kindness.  And know the special magic that kindess brings. " Unknown



The Other Side....

"The downside of challenge is that it can be difficult to go through.  The upside of challenge is that it's great to have been through.

When you arrive at a challenge, take a moment to look at it from the other side.

Imagine, if you will, all that will be gained by working your way through it.

The bigger and more imposing it appears when you first encounter it, the more value you'll have gained when the challenge is behind you.

And that will set you up to conquer even bigger challenges, and to enjoy even more substaintial rewards.  Give your best to the challenges. And what you get will be even better." Unknown