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The end of one life and the begining of another??

So Mike (my husband) started Nerds On Site as a Self Employeed IT Contractor back in 2005.  By 2006 he had his "Nerd Mobile" (Beetle).

Now we have loved that Nerd Mobile and for so many reasons:


*Great mileage averaging 900km/tank

*Standard!!  Which is supper sweet

*Diesel Engine


*Has helpped Mike become very successful in his business

*It has taken us on many road trips


We of course have had many little issues like the City of Calgary having a huge whole in the middle of the road which ended up with our car in the shop for a number of months, we have replaced the transmission, tires almost evey part at some point.

Finally this year our lease was up and we bought it out.  (our payments are insanely low - which is always good).

Now the one thing I haven't mentioned Diesel Beetles are no longer available, and why is that important?

Well a couple of weeks ago, just after Mike replaced the tires and had the breaks checked.  He rearended a truck at 10 KM/hour (the breaks wouldn't stop - of course?!? WTF???)  It was so bad the air bags didn't even go off - so obviously not a bad accident at all!!  He ended up hitting a metal bumper on a truck and it destroyed his hood.

So waiting and waiting to hear back about the car and as of today it is offically being written off.  For anyone else this really wouldn't be a big deal - since you can always get a new one...

Well not for us.  We can't get another Beetle like the one we owned, as I said Diesels are no longer being made with the Beetle body, and to add to that the gas models don't get anywhere near the mileage Mike had been getting. 

So now we don't have a beetle, our options suck and it is going to cost us at least $300 more per month in a new loan and fuel costs!!  Not to mention we had just put new tires on the nerdmobile, if we want those back we have to buy some crappy old ones to replace them so we can take our new ones.....

I feel like crying.   How can one little (barely an) accident lead to all of this?  We now have so many extra costs, I think I might actually need to find a job!!! I suppose this is the end of one life and maybe a begining of a new one if we don't end up broke and on the streets (of Amsterdam*) in the mean time.....

I think I need to go and do some yoga and deep meditation, as I know I am not centered at all..... A test to the begining of a new life stage.

*Referenece to the trip we are talking this fall no matter what!!

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