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The Stampede is over..... and life just goes on

Stampede 2010 is over and all must go back to the way it once was......  Sleep and limited deep fried food!!

Stamped'in is fun don't get me wrong but it is just like all vacations you are so busy that when its over you need another vacation to rest and painfully attempting to avoid the reality of having to go back to work for whatever reason.

However, this time it was different for me.  I no longer really have a "Real" day job.  It is a refreshing feeling not dreading sunday nights or monday mornings and I absoultely love it!!!

Don't get me wrong I obviously have to do something.  I get up around 7:15am do a little work, some yoga, clean, get ready, maybe shop or go out to do a make-over.  It is different everyday; I'm busier now than I was when I was an employee and I feel more like I get to see and feel more fully what life just "is".

I think it is the feeling of freedom that makes me strive to succeed.  I think about going back as an employee and it doesn't feel right.  I have seen something else; something I like better and I will do what I need to make it work.

The stampede is over and life goes on there should not be good nor bad just "is". 


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