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Year of the Belt Buckle

As the summer is upone us the events start to happen weddings, parties, vacations you know what I am talking about.

In Calgary it is Stampede time. Trade marked as the "Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth".  It includes pancake breakfasts through out the city every day during the 10 day event.  Top music artist perform by the midway, and in Nashville North(party central). 

If you want to see some good old Stamped'in the Grandstand is for you.  Want to see the horses up close visit the Agricultural exhibit.  The Super Dogs are always there and brand new this year (probably the BEST FREE show I have ever seen) The 




Definetly worth the trip!!

Up until recently I never realized how much I can love this time of year.  So much to do, eat, socialize, drink and of course dress up!! I love dressing up as a cowgirl.  The hats, shirts, boots and oh yes the belts!

Each year I come away with a few more staples for Stamped'in, this year was no different this will br the year know as the "Belt Buckle"!!

What an accessory big, sparkly and shiny, how did I not realize how awesome they were before?

In reflection I think I rejected the Stamped for many years...  Too cool?  Having a great friend who is so excited over something, is hard to avoid getting on their wagon.

Thanks Flo for the awesome eye opening cowboy fun!!  2010 Stamped has just begun and will only get to be more FUN!!

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